Sl.No Class Name Class Description Fee
(In Rs.)
1 Chicken Lollipop chicken, Chinese fried chicken, Chicken kaadi kebab with hot garlic sauce. Rs 500
2 Chicken Chicken sathay with buttered rice , Oyster fried chicken, Crumb fried chicken with colslaw . Rs 600
3 Chicken Dragon chicken, Chicken & cheese balls , Chicken 65 with hung curd dip. Rs 500
4 Chicken Southern fried chicken , Chicken malai kebab, Chicken squares with garlic mayonnaise. Rs 500
5 Chicken Paper wrapped chicken ,Minced chicken in lettuce, Chicken Spring rolls with sesame chili dip. Rs 600
6 Chicken Short Eats Chicken Cream Crackers, chicken wrapped in potatoes, Pop corn chicken, Sesame chicken strips. Rs 600
7 Chicken Stir fried Sesame honey chicken, Five spice stir fried chicken & Kung pao chicken & Chili & Garlic fried rice. Rs 600
8 Vegetarian Paneer goli kebab, Crunchy cheesy chaat, Paneer tikka, Corn Cheese rolls & Onion Rings. Rs 600
9 Vegetarian Corn Kebabs,Crackling Spinach, Crispy Baby Potatoes, Mushroom Cheese rolls & skewered Panneer. Rs 650
10 Seafood Crumb fried prawns, Chilli crab, Buttered garlic grilled fish & Calamari. Rs 800
11 Seafood Tail on crispy prawns, Skewered fish & Golden Fried Prawns. Rs 600
12 Tandoori Starters Tandoori chicken. Aachari Prawns, Afghani Murg tikka, Chicken sheek kebab, Hariyali Murg, Lasooni fish tikka with tandoori salad & curd mint dip. Rs 1200
13 Steamed Starters Momo/Dimsums Dimsum Dough, Mushroom Bok Choy Dumpling, Veg Dimsum, Chicken Dimsum, Prawn Dimsum, with Schezwan dipping sauce. Rs 600
14 Soups Sweet corn chicken soup, Lung fung chicken soup , Hot & sour chicken soup. Rs 500
15 Soups Crab meat soup , Man chow shrimp soup & Hot garlic shrimp soup. Rs 500
16 Salads Date& apple salad , Guava & pineapple salad, Cabbage & musambi salad & Cucumber with curd mint salad. Rs 500
17 Salads Papadi salad , Waldrof salad, Far eastern salad & Macaroni green salad . Rs 500
18 Salads Watermelon cheese salad , Lettuce egg salad, Hot & sweet salad, Hawaiian chicken salad . Rs 500
19 Gravies Butter chicken , Chili fish & Mutton roast. Rs 600
20 Gravies Malabar Fish curry, Mughlai Chicken, Shahi chicken & Zafrani zeera Pulao. Rs 600
21 Parathas Aloo paratha, Cheesy chicken paratha, Kheema fried roti, Latcha paratha. Rs 500
22 Parathas Muli ke parathe , Chicken stuffed paratha, Methi paratha, Mutton egg paratha . Rs 500
23 Parathas Peswhwari stuffed paratha, Paneer stuffed paratha , Layered puff paratha & Rice chapathi. Rs 500
24 Lobster Love Lobster in lemon butter sauce, Lobster in Mushroom and Oyster sauce, Lobster in pepper Sauce . Rs 1500
25 Seafood Delicacies Phuket Fish, Prawn Celery Fried rice, Steamed fish in banana Leaf, Tawa Prawns. Rs 800
26 Steaks & Sizzlers Chicken steak with black pepper sauce , chicken sizzler in bbq sauce with Buttered veggies , Duchess potatoes, French fries, Garlic bread & Chicken Nuggets. Rs 800
27 Mutton Delicacies Mutton Chops, Nargisi Kebab , Kheema pulao & Mutton pepper fry. Rs 600
28 Kerala cuisine Appam , Mutton Stew, , Tawa fried fish, Kerala style fish curry, Red rice & Banana coconut curry. Rs 700
29 Hyderabadi Special Mutton Kheema Samosas, Hyderabadi Haleem, Tawa Chicken rolls, Khubani Ka Meetha (apricot dessert)& Stawberry lemon punch. Rs 1000
30 Chicken Biriyani Tomato Shorba , Chicken dum biriyani , Crispy fried baby corn & Fried ice cream. Rs 700
31 Fish Biriyani Fish dum biriyani, Fish fingers with red peppers, Burmese shrimp Noodles. Rs 900
32 Chinese course 1 Chicken fried rice , Chicken noodles & Chili chicken. Rs 550
33 Chinese course2 American Chopseuy , Schezwan chicken fried rice, Pepper Chicken wings. Rs 550
34 Italian course 1 3 basic Italian sauces ( Béchamel sauce, tomato sauce& Pesto sauce), Bruschetta, Pasta in pesto sauce & Cannelloni. Rs 1500
35 Italian course 2 3 varieties pasta dough, Chicken & Mushroom lasagna, Roasted veg Lasagna & Ravioli. Rs 1500
36 Low calorie - 1 Lentil soup ,Mediterranean salad, whole wheat pasta in tomato sauce, Chatpatti chicken. Rs 1000
37 Low calorie - 2 Tom yum soup, Tropical fruit salad, chicken in orange sauce & stir fried tofu. Rs 1000
38 Sandwiches Corn & spinach cheese sandwich, Vegetable grilled sandwich , Paneer sandwich & Mayonnaise vegetable sandwich. Rs 500
39 Sandwiches Chicken Mayonnaise sandwich, Chicken tikka grilled sandwich, Egg Salad Sandwich, Pepper Chicken Sandwich, Minced chicken & Mushroom sandwich. Rs 600
40 Frankie Chicken tikka frankie, Mutton frankie, Chettinand chicken frankie , Chilli paneer frankie . Rs 600
41 Strawberry Hangover Strawberry Lollipops, Strawberry Puff Pastry, Strawberry & coconut Crepes, Strawberry Choco Lush , Strawberry Falooda. Rs 600
42 Desserts Tender coconut pudding ,Pine apple pudding & Coffee mousse with walnuts. Rs 500
43 Desserts Strawberry cream cheese pudding , Caramel pudding, Choco delight. Rs 500
44 Chocolate Desserts Chocolate Truffle log, Sizzling chocolate brownie, Chocolate Mousse & Melting Moments. Rs 650
45 Indian Desserts Gulab Jamun, Ras gulla, Ras Malai, Jalebi. Rs 600
46 Cakes Banana Raisin Cake, Date & walnut cake,Orange & Almond Cake, Rich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. Rs 650
47 Cup Cakes Vanilla Cup Cake , Chocolate cup cake with a variety of frostings like Strawberry butter cream, mango butter cream & so on. Rs 550
48 Shakes & coolers Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie, Café Frappe, Triple Effect (Fig, Apricot & Dates), Lime & Mint Cooler, Lemon-O-Melon. Rs 500