Little Chef

Kids! This summer become a great “Little chef”! Surprise yourself, know your cooking skills! Take your first step into the world of cooking right here at No 67 , Mc. Nichols Road, Jamals Park Avenue, Chetpet, Chennai – 31 on April 11th ,12th & 13th 2011. Timing : 11.00 am – 2.00 pm.

The details of the workshop are as follows :

Little Chef Course: 3 day fireless cooking workshop for kids: Age group : 7- 13 years.

The Little Chef workshop includes 10 simple recipes of fireless cooking for kids.

1.Cafe frappe
2. Lime & mint cooler
3. Pineapple cheese salad
4. Cabbage & musambi salad
5. Strawberry cream pudding
6. Chocolate biscuit Pudding
7. Garlic bread
8.Cheesy monaco crackers
9. Vegetable grilled sandwich
10. Mayonnaise vegetable sandwich.

Each child will be given :

1. An apron & Chef hat.

2. A Kid friendly cooking kit – Cooking kit includes measuring cups, measuring spoons, cutting board, vegetable peeler, bread knife, lemon squeezer, hand whisk, kitchen towel, bowl & mixing spoon.

3. The Little Chef Cookbook - The Little Chef cook book includes 10 simple recipes of fireless cooking for kids. Each recipe has simple ingredients, accurate measurements and is described in detail in big font letters for the children to easily comprehend. Further, each ingredient is shown with pictures to make cooking simple for children.